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Fruits and Nuts

Nutrition Counseling



At your Initial Consultation (1 hour), we will:

  • Review and assess your medical and diet history, goals and motivation

  • Evaluate possible nutrient interactions with your current medications

  • Determine your nutrient requirements based on your medical conditions and goals

  • Collaborate with you on your personal nutrition goals

  • Develop your personalized nutrition plan

  • Provide you with grocery shopping lists, meal/snack ideas, and other resources

  • Help with motivation and inspiration

Body Mind Health Institute offers one-on-one nutrition counseling (for adults and teens) and family nutrition therapy. Whether you need to make nutrition changes on your own or are hoping to change the habits of your family, we will begin by conducting an hour-long initial consult. At this consult we will assess your medical and diet history, nutrition needs, and personal goals. By the end of your first session, you will leave our office with a personalized nutrition plan, a list for the market, and many resources. Follow up sessions are either one hour or 30 minutes and are individually tailored to help you reach your goals. At each follow up, Zohreh will give you more food ideas, suggest items to add to your grocery list, help you with motivation and inspiration, and will adjust your food plan if needed. These follow-up sessions can be at the office or via a phone/video appointment if you prefer.

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At your Follow-up Consultation (30 minutes or 1 hour), we will:

  • Monitor your progress (such as changes in weight or labs)

  • Provide you with new meal and snack ideas, including restaurant menu selections

  • Make grocery list suggestions

  • Re-evaluate your changing nutrient requirements

  • Adjust your food plan accordingly

  • Help with motivation and inspiration


Have you ever caught your child sneaking food or worried that your child is ignoring their body’s nutrition needs?


Body Mind Health Institute aims to help children develop positive life-long relationships with food through delivering age appropriate nutrition education with a family-centered approach. This means that no child is made to feel self-conscious with their current patterns and nutrition information is provided in a fun and engaging way. We also promote eating mindfully and staying active in a non-threatening. We want to help children learn to gauge and honor their feelings of hunger and fullness so that they don’t accidently overfeed their small frames.

It is important that we change any patterns of shame, secrecy, and hiding that may exist. We desire to take parents out of the role of the “food police” and take the focus away from any shame and restriction surrounding food. Our nutrition professionals also provide parents with book recommendations, grocery lists, and nutritious (and tasty) snack and meal ideas.


Body Mind Health Institute will provide your teenager with age appropriate nutrition education in a fun and engaging way that makes healthy eating easy to understand and apply within their lives.


It is our desire to supply your teenager with the tools they need to become self-confident and competent caretakers of their own nutrition and health. Some of the ways we accomplish this are by teaching teens how to incorporate mindful eating strategies so that they can gauge and honor their body’s hunger and fullness cues and by encouraging them to stay active in fun ways. We also teach them age appropriate nutrition skills and help them stay motivated to take care of their bodies.


Body Mind Health Institute aims to keep it as simple and make it easy for individuals to make lasting changes. We want to collaborate with you to create personalized and achievable goals.


We do this through focusing on small changes that will ultimately yield long-term results. However, if you are looking to make a dramatic change, then we can still help push you to the next level! Our highly customized approach depends on your patience, personality, and individual goals. We place a major emphasis on inventive, real world solutions that will help you navigate menu selections at your favorite restaurants, help you work through emotional eating patterns, and overcome any other of life’s hurdles.

We will supply you with personalized grocery shopping list as well as lists of on the go foods that can be kept in your office, purse, and/or glove compartment. We also incorporate mindful eating strategies to help you gauge and honor feelings of hunger and fullness to prevent both feelings of deprivation and overeating. We seek to supply you with the tools to develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with food and overcome any obstacle that may present itself.

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