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Sometimes, the best approach to making long standing changes to your eating and lifestyle habits is to have a trained professional come to your home and provide assistance. The Body Mind Health Institute offers many services at our in-home consultations.


At the heart of the home visit, is your personalized nutrition counseling session. Zohreh will assess how well you are eating and suggest a few changes that can help improve your results.

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The Body Mind Health Institute can help give your pantry a makeover, suggesting food items that might provide a better "nutrition bang for your buck.” During this service, you will learn a few tricks for reading nutrition labels and you will get a highly-individualized grocery shopping list of foods that will help you reach your nutrition goals.


In today's fast paced world, it is sometimes difficult for busy professionals and busy families to find the time to cook. This time crunch, coupled with a lot of conflicting nutrition information and new "food rules" can make it difficult to eat and cook healthy meals at home. Whether you have high cholesterol or diabetes or are looking to help your family manage their weight, The Body Mind Health Institute can show you how and what to cook in your very own kitchen. Before we come to your home, we will assess what level of cooking instruction is suitable for you and will give you a list of grocery items (and simple cooking utensils) to have on hand before your lesson. At your hour-long demonstration our focus is to keep it simple and to empower you to prepare simple meals that you can do on your own after we leave.

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